Pet Wellness Care in Pittsburgh, PA

Cheyenne Veterinary Wellness & Surgical Center is your source for complete pet wellness care in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At our clinic, we have advanced on-site equipment to monitor and maintain your pet’s well-being. We recommend annual examinations for pets under 7 years of age and bi-annual examinations for older pets. With these routine visits, we keep track of the progress of your pet’s health, practice preventative care, and catch any potential problems early on for a more favorable treatment outcome.

From pet vaccinations to non-invasive laser therapy, our veterinary services have everything you need for the proper management of your pet’s health. We know you want what’s best for your household pet. That’s why we are confident that our comprehensive services and attentive, individualized approach to health care are the right choices for you.

Vaccinations, Medications, and More

Our team screens your pet to detect any underlying health problems. Additionally, we provide treatment options to correct causes of chronic pain, sprains, arthritis, and other problems. We have our own in-house pet pharmacy so that you can fill any necessary prescriptions at the time of your visit.

On-Site Pet Lab Services

Whether your little buddy needs pet X-rays or blood work, we take care of everything right here at our clinic. Our advanced diagnostic services help your pet stay as healthy as possible. Routine screenings and examinations are a vital part of protecting your pet’s overall health. In addition, we also handle nail trimming and anal gland expression during your pet’s visit. Our animal clinic is dedicated to giving your pet the highest level of veterinary care.

Contact us for vaccinations, lab services, and our in-house pet pharmacy. We proudly treat pets in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the South Hills area.